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1. Certified Financial Modeler | GICF  
Navigation Strategy Program Associate Registration CfFM-Login Contact GICF German Institute of Corporate Finance E-Mail: ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE The path to Academic…  
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Thank you Thank you for your exam registration. Your DICF-Team  
3. Academia  
"Financial modeling optimally prepares students for their work at banks, financial service providers as well as finance and controlling departments in companies." Prof. Ted Azarmi…  
4. Lawyers  
are becoming more and more important and complex, law students need targeted advanced training in Financial Modeling. An economic understanding and the ability to interpret financial models is a…  
5. Accountants and Tax Auditors  
"The Certified Financial Modeler program has shown me in a clear and structured way how complex financial problems are analyzed and prepared based on professional Excel-based models. As in the…  
6. Organizations  
"The Certified Financial Modeler provides in-depth financial modeling and Excel know-how. Especially in SMEs this know-how is often not really present. Financial models - regardless of their size –…  
7. Banks & Financial service Providers  
“The Certified Financial Modeler is recommended as an advanced training course for experienced bankers and financial analysts. The advantage of the program is that the acquired financial knowledge…  
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