Why Certified Financial Modeler?

  1. Top Quality: Accredited and certified program
  2. Reputation: World-renowned program
  3. Global: Program in English and German in numerous financial centers worldwide 
  4. Leading Financial Modeling Textbook: Serves as the foundation of the training program in English and German
  5. Top learning and exam preparation support:
    through test questions, case studies and personal feedback on learning progress
  6. E-Learning: Access to course materials anytime anywhere
  7. 2 paths one title: "Professional Excellence" and "Academic Excellence”
  8. Specialization: Electives enable specialized knowledge of chosen subjects
  9. Modern forms of examination on the way to "Professional Excellence":
    Case Study Method with laptop and open book processing. No written exam with calculator.
  10. International crediting of examination results: Acquisition of ECTS in the "Academic Excellence" path