The Certified Financial Modeler exam is offered exclusively by the European Institute of Quantitative Finance (EIQF). The EIQF is a neutral scientific institute and in addition to the academic world, it also caters to banks, insurance companies, financial service providers, organizations, consultants, tax auditing and auditing companies, law firms and institutional investors.

EIQF’s areas of research:

The main areas of activity include the whole range of corporate finance, for example valuation methods and their implementation, acquisition and sale of companies and company shares, including successor arrangement, consultancy before/during IPOs, support for equity capital research via institutional financial investors or wealthy private investors, support in the search for debt capital and mezzanine capital as well as early stage financing of innovative organizations.

In the context of the Certified Financial Modeler program, the EIQF cooperates with Deutsche Börse AG and the Eurex futures exchange.