The course participant receives the following services from the European Institute of Quantitative Finance (EIQF), regardless of whether the course is "Academic Excellence" or "Professional Excellence":

  • Personal Supervision by senior professors
  • Feedback on learning success
  • The course book "Financial Modeling" as Ebook
  • The Models of the Textbook "Financial Modeling"
  • The Certified Financial Modeler Toolbox
  • Access to the Center for Financial Modeling (CfFM)
  • Excel models: Templates Library for the most important financial topics
  • Further additional materials on the topic of "Financial Modeling
  • Certificate: Certified Financial Modeler
  • Award: Representative certificate

Depending on whether the course is "Academic Excellence" or "Professional Excellence", the course participant receives additional the following:

  • Possibility of applying for a EIQF scholarship for non-students (if "Professional Excellence" is chosen).
  • Participation in the initial examination (Academic Excellence)
  • University certificate, certificate supplement and possibility of submission to the respective authorities for recognition of ECTS in Bachelor's and Master's programmes (if "Academic Excellence" is chosen)