Professional Excellence: GICF Case Study

You decide on the path "Professional Excellence" to acquire the "Certified Financial Modeler". With the "Professional Excellence" choice, you expand your financial modeling skills by working on a case study. The GICF Case Study is based on the case study method used by leading business schools and promises a high learning success through motivated learning, practical cases and the use of all available resources.

The GICF Case Study does not require in-depth knowledge of finance or financial modeling. The case study is designed in such a way that you acquire your knowledge in small steps and thus expand your competence step by step. Through close supervision, you will never feel lost or unable to get ahead.

You will work on the case study in consecutive subtasks so that you are not confronted with a too complex overall task. The solution of each subtask brings you one step closer to your goal. You experience the fascinating thing about financial modeling: Complex tasks are structured and broken down until they can be easily solved as simple tasks.

You will be supported in four ways in the creation of the case study:

  • You will receive detailed references where you can find solutions for the given task in the book "Financial Modeling".
  • With exercises in the "Certified Financial Modeler Toolbox" you can test and expand your knowledge.
  • With the case study "Pharma Group" in Excel you can see how a solution to the problem can be modeled.
  • You submit your partial solutions and receive feedback from the supervising professors. If you have any questions, you can of course contact them at any time.

What is the GICF Case Study all about?

In order to give you an impression of what a task within the case study might look like, we have selected the following task as an example:

Enjoy Financial Modeling!