Reviews of the first edition

The first work about this subject in German illustrates how the key tasks in financial practice can be professionally solved by using Excel and VBA.

The book provides students and experienced practitioners with an applied compendium about the major themes of corporate finance, derivatives and portfolio management. The nature of the course book and the practical examples facilitate rapid and interactive learning. The clear graphs and the very helpful practical tips and summarizing conclusions are particularly instrumental in helping the authors present the complex facts in the easiest way possible. Two workshops on Microsoft Excel and the programming language VBA complete the financial know-how.

This work is especially recommendable because of its personal web code. It can be used to download various documents to supplement the book. This download offer, optimized for Microsoft Excel 2007, permits the user to learn autonomously.
Also, the content of this book is the basis for the program to become a Certified Financial Modeler.

Christoph Meyer, Bankingclub

Rating: 5 stars

First literature for example by Simon Benninga from the year 2000. (…) [The authors] have described this very clearly, considering the German situation … as basic knowledge for the new specialist occupation “Certified Financial Modeler”  … the transparency of the formulas is notable. 

From DStR 32/2014, p. 1614 on the topic of “Financial Modeling”

(Das deutsche Steuerrecht (DStR) is a weekly publication of the publisher C. H. Beck in Munich which covers German tax law. It is a significant publication for tax advisors and lawyers.