“The Certified Financial Modeler is an ideal further training program for all valuation specialists in M&A departments.”

Alexandra N. Crusen, Director Business Development/Mergers & Acquisitions, DEKRA AG

"The Certified Financial Modeler transmits theoretical knowledge directly into every day’s work. The program’s documentation is very structured and the Excel tools help to understand the various topics. One could learn how Excel and the embedded VBA support solving issues in the business valuation, portfolio management and derivatives arena. A good mix of theory and business practice! "

Paul HörnickeCertified Financial Modeler, Specialist investment analysis, GAZPROM Germania

The Certified Financial Modeler is very interesting, informative, and hands-on. The certificate course is ideal for students because ECTS can be submitted for recognition at universities. The process of recognition after having received the Certified Financial Modeler Certificate has been smooth and without any problems.

Witali Krebs, Certified Financial Modeler, Senior Finance Auditor, FTI Touristik

"As a scholarship holder of the German Institute of Corporate Finance (GICF) I participated in the training to become a Certified Financial Modeler. Due tot he fact that the Excel models were created from scratch, I was able to develop a very good feeling how the financial figures are connected. I found the results-identical modelling of the DCF procedures particularly exciting. I was able to expand existing financial modelling skills and acquire new knowledge. The GICF team also supported me at all times."

Harun Kurucu, Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG

"The Certified Financial Modeler offers a very well-structured program with a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical relevance. Preparing for the certificate, I discovered that the acquired knowledge provides an added value to my daily work as a consultant. In addition to technical modelling know-how the Corporate Finance module and especially the valuation part was of great interest".

Kevin Prinz, Certified Financial Modeler, Roland Berger

"The Certified Financial Modeler program is very well structured. The various steps are logically ordered and I was able to climb-up the ladder of Financial Modeling. Modeling all the cases by myself helped me very much to understand the big picture. I have chosen the Certified Financial Modeler program because my theoretical University based knowledge didn’t open that magic window of opportunity. Ever since Financial modeling became a passion. This passion helps me in my day-to-day business tremendously."

Christoph Weyer, Certified Financial Modeler 
Consultant, Partake Consulting