"The Certified Financial Modeler program transfers the quantitative and qualitative aspects of simple and complex financial problems to reliable Excel & VBA based modules applicable to all professionals in real business life. The Certified Financial Modeler shall help you wither as a student, junior, or senior to understand and implement what is needed in the financial modeling and valuation fields."

Basel Omar Abu-Ali, MBA, CFC, CMA, Certified Financial Modeler, CVA, Financial Controller at Emirates International Investment Company (EIIC), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


The Certified Financial Modeler program has enabled me to transfer business management concepts and analysis methods into business practice. By working effectively with the concepts, I was finally able to apply the theoretical know-how I had already learned in my studies in practice, which offered a very great added value for both my professional practice and my private interest in investing. In addition, the assignments were built up in stages and were extremely close to the real world. The given freedom in finding solutions, the assistance from both the always helpful contact persons as well as videos and reading encouraged efficient, self-directed learning and the use of personal creativity in working out solutions. This was a lot of fun. In summary, I can say that I learned theoretical basics in a very sustainable way through practical application and had a lot of fun doing it, especially because of the freedom of design and the creative space.

Tobias Blüder, Certified Financial Modeler, Junior Consultant Banking Business, targens


The Certified Financial Modeler program combines the complex world of business valuation with state-of-the-art theories and scientific findings in a very pragmatic way. Building on the knowledge from my Bachelor's and Master's degree in business administration and my practical work in business development, the program enabled me to deepen my knowledge in the topics of company valuation, structuring business plans and portfolio optimization and to train the practical application. The two professors were always available for questions, which further promoted the learning success. Since I completed the program alongside my professional work, it was particularly important to me that I could work on the assignments flexibly - depending on my time possibilities. All in all, my expectations were fully met and I can recommend the program to all finance professionals.

Dennis Denuel, Certified Financial Modeler, ERGO



“For the responsible persons in the area of Investor Relations, the Certified Financial Modeler provides a great opportunity to gain and document financial modeling skills.”

Dr Marc-Gregor Czaja, Institutional Equity Research, Equity Strategy, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

"The Certified Financial Modeler program gives you a better and more focused understanding of even complex financial issues. With its Excel and Visual Basic-based philosophy the Certified Financial Modeler helps you to solve nearly every kind of question in the financial industry."

Tobias Eiblmeier, 
Certified Financial Modeler 
Consultant, Portfolio Control

The Certified Financial Modeler training course presents, step by step, the most important features of the world of financial modelling. You will learn how to plan and create a clean financial model from the time t0 in order to be able to make sustainable corporate decisions based on it. On the basis of a current case study, the various methods of company valuation are demonstrated in a practical manner. Various financing options for the transaction are also calculated. The technical skills can be directly converted into Excel and VBA solutions. In a nutshell: Learning by doing with very high learning success.

Carolin Fuchs, Certified Financial Modeler, Senior Manager, Palladio


"Through my studies of International Business Information Systems, I was already able to learn and apply the first learning contents in the area of Excel and VBA modelling, which helped me as a young professional in the field of controlling. I wanted to deepen my basic knowledge with this further education and expand my skills in corporate finance. Regarding the content of the training, I can say that the materials used as a basis are extremely informative, easy to understand and easy to apply. Personally, I found the mathematical derivations to the individual questions highly interesting and helpful. The excellent structuring of the case study meant that I was able to break down the modules for myself in a way that enabled me to combine the training well with my full-time job. Particular noteworthy is the consistent accessibility of all staff and the lightning-fast feedback after each unit submitted. In summary, I can unreservedly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in business valuation and financial modelling."

Nico Harteman, Certified Financial Modeler, Associate, Prime Capital


The Certified Financial Modeler certification teaches the most important tools for working with Excel-based financial models through a practical and multi-stage case study. By independently creating an integrated financial model, students learn how to put theoretical knowledge into practice and acquire valuable knowledge for implementing models and presenting results in a way that is appropriate for the target group. In addition, the very comprehensive supplementary material motivates students to continue studying the topics of the basic textbook "Financial Modeling" beyond the contents of the Certified Financial Modeler program. The committed team of directors from the EIQF, who provide convincing individual and rapid feedback, should also be positively highlighted. In the field of corporate finance, working with increasingly large and complex amounts of data is core. Accordingly, conceptual and practical skills in financial modelling are important building blocks that should be mastered confidently today. The Certified Financial Modeler program is recommended to every professional who would like to further sharpen these skills in the use of MS Excel and who deals with corporate planning and business valuation on a daily basis.

Maximilian Irmer, Certified Financial Modeler, M&A | Corporate Finance Hannover GmbH

"Certified Financial Modeler – The admission ticket to investment banking.
I really must say: “The Certified Financial Modeler professionals are well prepared for their analyst and associate years in investment banking”. 

Oliver Karpf, Kleinwort Benson, London

"There is no comparable further training program that transfers know how in corporate finance, portfolio management and derivatives in such a deep, precise and practically oriented way. Thus, the Certified Financial Modeler represents a key qualification in the modern financial world."

Julian Kohl, Certified Financial Modeler, Kreissparkasse Tübingen


What I particularly liked about the Certified Financial Modeler program was the following:

  • Connection between the theoretical basics of the associated course book "Financial Modeling" with very clear and practically relevant case studies.
  • Financial model to be created from scratch in Excel with financial modelling standards, which are applied throughout the case studies
  • Building model structures through independent analytical thinking leads to good modelling experience in Excel          
  • Professional and practice-oriented structuring of the case study with interlocking model structures
  • Learning the methods and tools of business analysis, business valuation and modelling from a financial point of view through the use of MS Excel and VBA.
  • Personal supervision by the professors
  • Expansion of my previously acquired financial knowledge
  • The Certified Financial Modeler is a demanding and recommendable further education for all finance professionals with an excellent further education concept for all questions from the financial sector.

Oguzhan Kösek, Certified Financial Modeler, Portfoliomanager, Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG

I recommend the Certified Financial Modeler course to anyone who would like to deepen their knowledge of investment, business planning, financing and valuation in a practice-oriented, Excel- and VBA-based manner.

The course is very structured. With the help of the accompanying book "Financial Modeling", the theoretical foundations are first laid. Through practice-oriented tasks of the toolbox modules and the case study, based on the knowledge from the book, one learns to apply the instruments and standards for the creation of financial models and to optimise the calculations using the formulas presented. Furthermore, the course supports the participant in better structuring the financial models and making them more user-friendly.

I particularly liked the opportunity to work on the extensive learning material part-time. Self-study at one's own pace, without great time pressure and with quick feedback on upcoming questions ensures better learning and memorization of the course content, development of analytical thinking and thus, of course, for soon "eye-opener experiences” in everyday professional life.

Yekaterina Litvin, Certified Financial Modeler, eureos corporate finance gmbh

"The Certified Financial Modeler was just what I needed. The practice-oriented examples enabled a very good implementation of theory in practice. The program shows step by step how all complex financial topics can be solved in a structured and professional way with the help of the Financial Modeler. In this way, I was able to quickly and successfully apply the acquired know-how in my everyday professional life without any problems. In my opinion, the Certified Financial Modeler is a must-have for investment analysts, associates and corporate/project finance professionals. I can fully recommend the certificate course to others"

Shavkat Mamatkulov, Certified Financial Modeler, Associate, Capcora, Frankfurt

"The qualification program to become a Certified Financial Modeler enables candidates to learn company valuation-relevant focal points in a structured manner and to apply them in a practical way. Thanks to the excellent support throughout the program, the hurdles of corporate finance can be mastered well."

Leon Mitsch, Certified Financial Modeler, Aon plc

"The Certified Financial Modeler links theoretical knowledge with practical relevance. Based on illustrative practical examples the Certified Financial Modeler provides an excellent opportunity to brush up existing knowledge and to add new content. The course book "Financial Modeling" leads through the core topics Excel, VBA, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management and Derivatives. The Certified Financial Modeler toolbox can support the user in the day-to-day business."

Philipp Noack, Certified Financial Modeler, IMAP M&A Consultants

The "Certified Financial Modeler" program provides an excellent opportunity to expand theoretical knowledge in the fields of corporate finance, portfolio management and derivatives. The basic textbook "Financial Modeling" is complemented by the practical Excel and VBA modeling examples of the toolbox. Due to the practice-oriented approach, the acquired know-how can be used without any problems in day-to-day business.

Catharina Peters, Certified Financial Modeler, IMAP M&A Consultants

The Certified Financial Modeler program is the perfect overview into the world of financial modeling. Using very well structured tasks, the Financial Modeler is guided through the case study - accompanied by a detailed reference book. The tasks build on each other and  provide a clear view of the self-created Financial Model. During the course the Financial Modeler learns the methods and tools of business analysis, valuation and modelling from a financial perspective. If you are interested in capital market topics and company valuation and enjoy Excel, this course is the right choice for you!

Felix Schlude, Certified Financial Modeler, Project Manager LBBW

The Certified Financial Modeler offers practical, comprehensible and goal-oriented knowledge. Graduates are able to create financial models in varying degrees of detail in a professional, logical and consistent manner, always with the aim of achieving a sound and consistent conclusion. The course materials are comprehensive and modular in structure, so that they also provide valuable support in everyday work.

Marc Voser, Certified Financial Modeler, Aretas Capital Management AG, Zürich